Food Prepping Saves Bank Accounts

Hi friends.

I have totally failed at keeping this blog up to date, however, I am going to try and stay on top of things this time!

If you’re like me and a 20 something millennial (or not) that’s always on the go, almost broke,  and scraping for time in the mornings, then you’ll probably appreciate this post. It’s way different than all my others, but I figured I’d give it a shot!

Last fall I was starting my first semester of college (I totally dropped out, read about it here). During that semester I developed the HORRIBLE habit of going to Starbucks, or even Dunkin’ Donuts if I was real desperate, to grab a coffee and a breakfast sandwich nearly every day. How could you say no to a creamy, sugary, iced coffee and warm, savory, sandwich in the morning? It was quick, it was tasty, and it was so convenient! Oh right, and it was also very expensive.

The sandwich I would get every morning was about $4.00 with taxes. It was also packed with over 500 calories. Yikes!

This addiction quickly sucked the life out of my bank account, while also adding life to my body weight. I’ve come to realize after learning to budget with Dave Ramsey, and watching my jeans seemingly “shrink”, that all this coffee shop nonsense is dangerous! One month I handed over $90+ to my favorite green siren. NINTEY DOLLARS. I lower my head in shame as I look back now!

So how can I still get my quick breakfast sandwich in the morning, save time, Save calories, and most importantly save money? Well I’m glad you asked, dear friend.

I’ll simply put it this way; Pinterest is a wonderful invention. Look up some pre-made breakfast ideas! You’ll be happily surprised! I found a great idea for pre-made sausage breakfast sandwiches, so I took that idea and made it my own! *I’ve adapted this recipe to be more healthy, and more frugal. It cost me about $10.00 to purchase all the ingredients I needed to make 24 breakfasts.

Start off by taking a trip to your local grocery store. I went to Aldi because it’s the best place around to get cheap food! You’ll want to get one dozen eggs, two tubes of ground sausage (or bacon if you like that better),  and two bags of whole wheat mini bagels. You can also add cheddar cheese to the mix if you desire to do so.

I cook my ingredients one at a time, starting with the eggs. Crack all of them open and whisk to your hearts content! Season them the way you like it, and then start cooking about one eggs worth at a time. You’ll end up having around 12 egg rounds (They’ll be way bigger than the bagel). Set that aside to cool off while you start cooking the Sausage!

Open up the meat package and put the raw meat into a large bowl. Add whatever seasonings you want, or none at all. I usually go for some pepper and seasoning salt. Mix it all together, and then make 28 2-inch round patties. Pull out your skillet, and cook those bad boys for a few minutes on each side. Once they’re cooled off you can begin assembling the sandwiches!

Place one patty and half an egg round on each bagel (add the cheese in here if you go that route). You can wrap your beautiful breakfasts in tin foil or press ‘n seal plastic wrap. All that’s left to do is put them in the freezer! Whenever you want a sandwich you can pull it out of the freezer, microwave for 30 seconds to one minute, and toast it slightly. It’s quick, easy and so good!


If I were to buy breakfast at Sbux 5 times a week, it would cost me $20. That’s $80 a month and almost $1000 a year! By making these sandwiches I’m saving $70 a month and almost $900 a year!

Food prepping saves bank accounts.

Enjoy your breakfast friends.



Iced coffee recipe coming soon!





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