Salerno II Chapter 1 

As I sit here and wait to board the plane at gate 80, I’m overcome with excitement. I’m on my way to Italy!! 

God has been so good and faithful to our whole team. He has provided for our needs opened up doors and now we’re finally on our way! 

For me, this is the second time I will be serving Nuova Vita church in Salerno. I’m fully confident that God is going to do amazing things during these next 10 days. We will be doing everything from fixing a building, teaching English, playing sports, face painting, baby sitting and sharing the gospel. 

Please keep the Salerno team in your thoughts and prayers. Sometimes traveling with groups is crazy. Pray that we will be safe, smart and stay together. Also pray that The Lord would keep all of us healthy and in good spirits. Most importantly pray for the people of Salerno, that they would be ready for the gospel and that it would be well received. 

Salerno is a precious city. God is doing great things and I am truly blessed to be a part of the spiritual journey. 




The Beginning

Hi there internet world.

My name is Tori or Victoria or Toridactyl.

There’s many things you could know about me and many more things that I myself have yet to discover. So I guess we’ll go over the basics. (If you already know me, this will be a recap… if not, then I hope I don’t freak you out. Read on.)

First things first,

I love Jesus with everything that I have. He is the most important thing In my life. He is what I chase after. He is who I long to serve for the remaining time I have left on this earth.

I am a high school graduate of my own home. I was homeschooled my entire life and have NEVER experienced a “real” school.

I have two older sisters (Alisha and Kari) and one younger brother (Trent). We’ve all been homeschooled for our whole lives.

I’m a black belt in Yuan C’huan Martial Arts.

I’m a missionary kid.

I LOVE languages and learning them!

I love music and use that love of music by leading worship at my church.

I plan on becoming a missionary myself.

I love serving others. I also love flowers, animals, hand written notes, Rainy days, and Dr Pepper (Among many other things).

I’m a ginger and basically allergic to the sun…which isn’t good when you live in “The sunshine state”.

I have tattoos and I think tattoos are super rad.

I’m VERY accident prone. VERY.



My whole life Jesus has made Himself evident and I think that is pretty darn cool.

I was born into a christian family. My grandfather (also my best friend and Hero) was the pastor of our little church, My father was the youth pastor and my mother was the director of children ministries (talk about church nerd – that’s me!). With that being said welcoming the gospel came easily to me and I became a christian when I was 5 years old.

Ever since I was a little girl, God had placed a sense of wonder and adventure in my soul. This will come into play a little later. 😉

When I was 9 years old my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. It was a horrible time in my life. He died a year and a half later. I lost my superhero, best friend, and most importantly my Pappy. It shattered my little 10-year-old world. A year after that, my mother was also diagnosed with cancer. It was a scary time since I had just lost a very important part of my life to this wretched disease. But don’t worry, mom is fine! She’s going on  6 years cancer free!

Throughout the drama of my childhood years, God had been shaping and molding my heart. Because of the difficult trials I faced I became closer to Him. I discovered the peace that His word provides and also the call He had placed on my life; the burning fire for missions.  I relied on God heavily but also used other outlets to cope with the stress of life. Music became a number one source of peace for me. I love everything about music. From playing, to singing, to writing songs. I love picking up any instrument I can get my hands on and trying to play it! From my early teens up until now, Music has been a huge part of my life.

In 2010 my parents answered the call to missions by joining Wycliffe Bible Translators. Our family had always been passionate about missions so this was no shock. In 2012 My family moved from our little “hillbilly” town to the “big” city of Orlando. This would become our new home. Lots of crazy fun things happened in this season of life. Mom and Dad would work at the Wycliffe USA headquarters. Me and My brother would continue our home schooling, We would find a PERFECT fit for a church, and make life long friendships. Orlando has been good to us.


Currently, I also work at Wycliffe and plan on pursuing a career in missions. I have just graduated high school this year ( Class of 2015!). I’m a worship leader at our home church and also a youth leader there. In this season of my life I’m choosing to explore this great world God has put me in. One way I plan on doing that is by Missions trips. I’ve been on 2 overseas trips so far. One to China and one to Italy. It’s a small way to get to see the world for short periods of time but it’s also really great. I actually leave for a missions trip in just 3 days! (you’ll read about that later).

So that’s it… that’s my life in a nutshell. If you choose to continue following my blog, I’m sure we’ll discover many more things about me, God, and His great big world.

So thanks for reading.

Toridactyl out.